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Lamprey fishing in the river Svētupe

The tenting place of the holiday houses „Vējavas” is on the bank of the Svētupe. Here you can have a wonderful opportunity  to enjoy also a lamprey weir – a fascinating object from August untill February. Lamprey is a very special delicacy to many people but lamprey fishing is not very popular all over the world.

A lamprey weir is a foot-bridge of special construction, made of  fir-tree poles. No bolts or nails are used in fastening the construction. Piles in the river-bed are driven in by a special heavy hammer ( kurķis) and therefore it is said – to drive in a wier, but not – to build a weir. The surface of the weir is made like  a 30 to 40 cm deck in order to work and walk freely when fishing .Fish-baskets are put in late in the evening and taken out early in the morning , emptying the baskets also at night if the catch is rich.

The holiday houses „Vējavas” and the fishermen of the Svētupe lamprey weir offer lamprey fishing process observation.

The offer is especially interesting and thrilling due to the fact that it takes place at dark. You will be able to watch the whole fishing process, to hear tales about lamprey, its way of life, migration.  The culmination of the event is frying and degustation sof the freshly caught lamprey which is prepared according to the recepes of forefathers.

It is possible to arrange the excursion to the lamprey weir also during the daytime. You will listen to fishermen`s tales about fishing, about lamprey and taste freshly fried warm lamprey.  

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